Travel Celtic's Tour Packages allow you to explore your roots or discover a new culture as you explore the magic of the Celtic landscape, people, music, dance and history.  If you are ready to begin the journey of a lifetime ~ have a look at our 2014 Tours!

History and Spirituality

The spirituality, history and mythology of Ireland and Scotland await you on one of our tours.  The places you will visit are as diverse as Ireland and Scotland themselves.  They tell the stories of famine and emigrations, kings and invaders, priests and poets, encompassing the history which has shaped Ireland and Scotland into extraordinary culture and beauty.

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Culture and Heritage

The beauty of Ireland surrounds you at every turn on our journeys.  The culture and heritage of Ireland is filled with true beauty ~ The beauty of the Irish music that has been sung around the peat fires for generations; the beauty of the ancient Gaelic language that flows so eloquently still in the Gaeltacht regions; and the beauty of the magical and picturesque landscapes.

Authentic Local Experiences

To move forward into the future, we must know our past.  On our tours we engage with indigenous communities where we discover the unspoiled landscapes, culture and traditions of Ireland and Scotland.  We not only have a wonderful time but you will get a truly authentic experience.

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  If you enjoy history, music and culture, then touring with Hy-Brasyl Musical Tours is simply the best choice.

  Day by day the tour provides an authentic experience steeped in Irish folklore and history.  The Irish

  landscapes are a backdrop to ancient history that most tours pass by.  Going to quaint villages, churches,

  castles, ruins, ancient burial grounds, monasteries, waterfalls, mountains, farms and pubs gives a unique

  understanding of the Emerald Isle.  The Music of Danny O'Flaherty provides a sense of camaraderie as those

  touring join along in song with impromptu jam sessions that often include local muscians and towns people.

  Touring with Danny in 2010 was so inspiring that we decided to take a second tour in 2013.  Both tours left us

  with a lifetime of memories and an appreciation of Irish culture."                                                                                                                      ~Jerry, Carol and Kathy Filo